Through the production of high-quality and healthy food products, while respecting the requirements of the highest world standards, we want to set a bright example of modern, socially responsible business, and be a strong support to our local community.


Sunce Bakery

We produce natural, delicious and health-safe bakery and confectionery products that provide daily satisfaction for our customers.

The story of the bakery “Sunce”, in more than 20 years of its existence, was written by countless hours of great effort, work, dedication and commitment to the quality of all bakery products and treats bearing our name and logo.

It is also a story of family, friendship, good neighbourly relations, care for our community, promises kept and expectations fulfilled.

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Functional nutrition and bakery products


Quality Control

Visok nivo kvaliteta proizvoda koji smo dostigli tokom dvije decenije svog rada nastojimo održati i unaprijediti politikom striktno organizovanih proizvodnih procesa.

Upravo iz ovog razloga, tokom 2011. godine, izvršili smo implementaciju standarda ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 i HACCP principa, sertifikovanog od strane austrijskog sertifikacijskog tijela Quality Austria.

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