About Us


We produce natural, delicious and health-safe bakery and confectionery products that provide daily satisfaction for our customers.



Through the production of high-quality and healthy food products, while respecting the requirements of the highest world standards, we want to set a bright example of modern, socially responsible business, and be a strong support to our local community.

The story of the bakery “Sunce”, in more than 20 years of its existence, was written by countless hours of great effort, work, dedication and commitment to the quality of all bakery products and treats bearing our name and logo. It is also a story of family, friendship, good neighborly relations, care for our community, promises kept and expectations fulfilled.

Back in 1997, with much love and great plans and desires, we made and sold our first bread. Our, then a small bakery, counted only five employees, but proudly offered the largest assortment of bakery products in our part of the region. Recognizing the quality, that came from dedication to this noble profession, our customers have been returning to us all these years with a smile, which we easily put on the faces of all those who open our door for the first time.

As it has to happen in every responsible business, the bakery “Sunce” soon increased the volume of production, hired many more of our fellow citizens, and expanded its sales and production capacities. Our products, thanks to their quality, found their way outside of Srbac, in the areas of surrounding municipalities and the dining tables of all those with fine taste for natural and high-quality food.

Today, we offer more than 20 types of breads, about 100 kinds of sweet and salty pastries, cakes and sweets of equally irresistible taste and appearance, prepared, arranged and delivered to you every morning by the valuable hands of our 40 satisfied employees who, during all these years, have become more than just colleagues from work, and with our customers far more than acquaintances and neighbors.

We have always tried to extend the family atmosphere of our company to the local community, and take all hard-working people of good intentions under our wing . The bakery “Sunce” participates in numerous infrastructure, humanitarian and sporting activities, through which we contribute to the development of our city and support our fellow citizens.

Years behind us brought a handful of valuable rewards and awards for the quality of the bakery “Sunce”, both locally and internationally. In order to maintain the level of production we are proud of, we have successfully implemented ISO9001: 2008 and ISO22000: 2005 standards, as well as an internationally recognized HACCP principle, which is an additional guarantee of quality and professional production organization.

Our story continues. It continues because we have shown that it is possible to combine strict production standards with a pleasant working atmosphere, a sense of satisfaction in the whole collective and have proven that only in this way, it is possible to reach the undeniable quality, both in work processes and in each of the products that bears our name. It continues through our local community, in which we live and that lives with us. It continues through you, who are knocking on our door for the first time.

Welcome to the bakery “Sunce”!